Quality Patio Construction in Mansfield

A beautiful patio should not just be reserved for residential spaces. A patio can also be a wonderful addition to your Mansfield commercial or industrial space. Patios serve as great ways to greet your potential clients. They add a relaxing, natural element to any industrial or commercial space. At PEC Construction, LLC, we have been designing and building patios of all kinds in Mansfield. We have the tools, knowledge and experience that it takes to install any type of patio in Mansfield. Our team of friendly professionals will guide you every step of the way to make the patio building process as easy and pain-free as possible.

Uses for Patios in Commercial Spaces

A patio is a multifunctional outdoor space built of either brick, concrete or wood. There are many different functions for which patios can be used. Patios are not just for residential backyard lounging. The following are just a few ways that hundreds of our satisfied Mansfield customers have used their commercial or industrial patio spaces:

Staff Area

Treat your team to a gorgeous outdoor space that serves as a relaxing getaway from the day’s hectic demands. Some of our clients have reported that their team members enjoy their commercial outdoor patio spaces as places to eat on their lunch breaks, or even spaces to hold casual meetings.

Restaurant Patio

Many restaurants in Mansfield opt for adding a patio to their pre-existing indoor dining space. This not only allows for more seating, but it also encourages your customers to enjoy their meals in the glorious Mansfield sunshine. Patios are open and inviting spaces that many of our commercial restaurant clients have already adopted in their spaces. We are seasoned professionals in the patio business, and we always make sure that we acquire all the necessary permits and licensing that our restaurant clients need before building their patios.

Commercial Plaza Patio

Installing a patio in your commercial strip mall or retail center is a great way to encourage guests and shoppers to stay and relax for a while.

A Customizable Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces can be customized to serve your specific needs. Greenery can be incorporated for a relaxing, natural feel. Our talented team of patio designers will help create a space tailor-made for you and your needs. We have experience working on patios in Mansfield of all shapes and sizes, and that are designed to suit a variety of needs.

Brick Patios in Mansfield

A commonly used material for building patios is brick. Brick is a very popular choice for our Mansfield clients. Since it is affordable, durable and easy to maintain, a brick patio can be a great addition to your Mansfield commercial or industrial space.

Concrete Patios in Mansfield

Even more so than brick, concrete is a cost-effective, durable and long-lasting material. A very popular choice among businesses both small and large in Mansfield, if you are on a budget, consider upgrading your Mansfield business with a concrete patio. You won’t regret it.