Patio Construction in Fort Worth

Upgrading your Fort Worth commercial or industrial space with a patio is a big decision. When investing money into any kind of general contracting project, it’s important that you find a company to work with who has a proven track record and who you can trust. With so many companies in Fort Worth offering general contracting services, it can get hard at times to know where to turn. That’s where we come in. At PEC Construction, LLC, we have been serving Fort Worth and the surrounding community for many years, providing home and business owners with expert general contracting services. We specialize in many different services, patio construction being among one of our specialities.

Patio Construction in Fort Worth

Patios come in an array of shapes, styles and sizes. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor patio, deck, alfresco, gazebo or other kind of patio, we have the tools and experience to make your commercial contracting project a success. We’ve been building patios for many years in Fort Worth. If you live in Fort Worth, chances are you’ve seen one of our famous patios! Some businesses that have enlisted our help building their patios include:


An outdoor patio for your guests to enjoy is a wonderful addition to any hotel. A place where travelers can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or write that last email is always a welcome idea.


Outdoor patios are a hit during Fort Worth summers. Consider the addition of an outdoor restaurant patio for your Fort Worth establishment and watch your business gain momentum!

Shopping Malls

An outdoor patio is a great addition to any shopping center, and encourages your guests to stop and rest a while between their shopping adventures.

Grocery Stores

Nowadays people like to eat clean and healthy. Encourage your shoppers to stop by your grocery store for lunch and enjoy their purchase on your newly built patio.


It is proven that students are able to absorb knowledge better with some relaxation and nature time between their classes. Treat your students to a beautiful outdoor patio on which they can enjoy their recess or lunch breaks. We have a range of suitable patios that are great for elementary, middle and post secondary educational institutions.

We have a proven track record of providing our clients with the desired vision that they come to us with. We are a skilled group of carpenters and general contractors who are equipped with the tools and skills to achieve any goal. Hard work and dedication are just two ways that we get there, along with craftsmanship and attention to detail. Kind, courteous, attentive and punctual are just a few ways that our Fort Worth clients have described our team.

Professional Patio Builders in Fort Worth

When required, we have the knowledge and certification to attain and provide the necessary licenses, permits and building certificates that will allow for the construction of a patio on your commercial space. We know the ins and outs of Fort Worth bylaws, and are able to assist you every step of the way.