Custom Countertops in Dallas

Countertops are necessary for a variety of things. Not only are they sophisticated, attractive looking additions to any business, but they also facilitate the necessary surface upon which to work. Without proper countertops, we’d have a hard time getting work done in many settings such as the restaurant, hospitality and office spaces. At PEC Construction, LLC, we specialize in designing, building, installing and repairing custom countertops in Dallas and the surrounding area. We have many years of experience providing quality work for our commercial clients located in Dallas and the surrounding area. We are qualified, insured and licensed workers with a passion for what we do; we go beyond just reading basic custom countertops, at PEC Construction, LLC, we merge the design, function and form to make a custom countertop that is unique and lasts a lifetime.

Types of Custom Countertops in Dallas

There are many materials to choose from when considering the type of custom countertop you are looking to build for your Dallas business. From marble to wood and everything in between, PEC Construction, LLC offers many different custom countertop solutions to suit a wide varieties of tastes and budgets.

Granite Countertops in Dallas

Granite is a very customizable and affordable material. Granite comes in an array of shades and finishes to suit the aesthetic elements of your space. Granite countertops can be used in kitchens, offices, hotels and much more. Granite is a very popular custom countertop material amongst our Dallas clients.

Wood Countertops in Dallas

The stylish sophistication of wood is a timeless addition to any Dallas business. Wood can be used in many different settings including restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and much more. A wood countertop need not only be used in a kitchen; it can be used as a front desk reception and in different office settings as well. Many of our Dallas commercial clients have upgraded their businesses with a custom wood countertop and have been very pleased since doing so. The air of classic beauty is something that wood adds to a space very nicely.

Marble Countertops in Dallas

Marble is a very tasteful addition to add to your business. It evokes a sense of regality and classic charm. We have many types of marbles available in our Dallas showroom. Come have a look! You’ll be surprised at just how many options there are to choose from.

Custom Countertops Near Dallas

 We have so many options for you to discover at PEC Construction, LLC. We’ll gladly show you around our conveniently located showroom which has a multitude of sample custom countertops for you to discover. We are sure to find the ideal match for your Dallas space that suits your needs and budget. To find out more and to visit our showroom, call PEC Construction, LLC today. One of our friendly and knowledgable representatives will be glad to give you all the information you need and to set you on your way to receiving a free, no obligation quote for your records. We look forward to hearing from you!